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Don't Let Fear Quiet Your Inner Creative

In this episode, Lauren Lograsso drops some heaters about how to address and harness your fear in order to go after what you want. Lauren joins Tasha, Dave, and returning guest, Jordan Leer. The bunch drops a ton of advice for creatives and even how to balance a relationship with a creative career.


Lauren Lograsso (@laurenlograsso) is a singer/songwriter, speaker, actor, and podcast host (@unleashyourinnercreative). Lauren believes in herself enough to put her voice out into the world. She fully believes that the energy of stepping out into the universe, even by yourself, always bring about bigger opportunities.

Jordan Leer (@jordan_leer) is an actor, musician, and comedian. You may recognize him from CBS Show "Young Sheldon." He's also a great friend of The SAP!  

How to Handle Your Fear

The first step to handling your fear is redefining your relationship with fear. Fear isn't something you should attempt to get rid of. You should harness fear and move it from being the driver of your life to simply, a teacher.

"Make creativity the filter of your entire life."

- Lauren Lograsso

It's important to get yourself into a state of being ready. If you're full of ideas? Carry a notebook around with you and write them down. Don't get caught up in other people's circumstances. Focus on you and your creative drive.

"Work isn't everything.

You can't possibly be a good artist if you can't have a life."

- Lauren

Don't be afraid to have a life, either. Creatives need space to be who they are and express themselves in their own way. Focus on the good feelings and expand upon that. Focus on what you're doing right and keep the momentum going. It's not going to happen overnight so be patient and trust the process.  

How to Balance a Relationship and Creative Career

As always, communication is the key. You should strive to make decisions as a team and never hold the other back from a creative opportunity that could really boost their career. By all means, plan date nights but don't get bent out of shape if something comes up. Allow for some spontaneity, it's sexy!

If you're just getting into a relationship and/or dating, be upfront with the other and let them know you ambitions and goals. This may save you from heartbreak later. The creative industry is hard enough, as it is. You need everybody close to you to be supportive. You need to have people on your side that you can trust and gain insight from.  

If you find yourself in a position where you're not being supported like you need to be, follow in co-host Tasha Courtney's footsteps, take a leap of faith and go after what you want!



Definition of the Week

A Powerful Place of Detachment - a place where you're over needing the outcome. You simply just enjoy the process an don't give a fuck about the outcome.

Sometimes you just gotta say, "what the fuck?" and/or "fuck 'em."


Quotes from the Podcast

"Make creativity the filter for your entire life."

- Lauren

"Miracles are suppose to come into our world."

- Dave (via Devine Compensation)

"Get use to feeling uncomfortable, it's where you're gonna be for a while.

It's good for ya."

- Jordan (via Tony Horton, P90X)

"If you build it, they will come."

- Tasha (via Field of Dreams movie)

"You can't be creative without play."

- Lauren

"Work isn't everything.

You can't possibly be a good artist if you can't have a life."

- Lauren

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