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How to Train Your Messy Partner

As always, Dave Neal hosts, along with Tasha Courtney the SAP. Today, they're joined by the talented Lia Richardson who talks standup comedy, moving in with her boyfriend, and being overly sexualized at a young age. You'll enjoy this one!

"You don't want to set this off."
Lia Richardson

Lia Richardson (@itsliarich) is a stand up comedian, singer-songwriter, and model. On any given night, you can catch her all over Los Angeles and even in your local Walmart, her face beautifully graces the box of Splat, a temporary hair dye product.

Moving in with her boyfriend.

The dynamics change when you decide to move in with your significant other. Lia believes that it's important to make "their" or "your" zone into "our" zone. This transition can be difficult but it's important to stay positive, be upfront and honest in order to communicate effectively.  

"Life is better when it's more organized." - Lia

Lia and her boyfriend get along great but, like all couples, they argue about certain things. She gives her boyfriend credit for not being a "fixer" and just letting her vent and getting things out. 


Lia developed early, which sparked her modeling career but it also caused her to get a lot of attention from men. At a young age, Lia didn't quite know how to handle the attention she was getting from men. So, she developed her own unique way of handling it. 

"You don't want to set this off!"

- Lia

Pro Tip from Tasha, Lia, & Dave!

Each person is individual in their way of listening and understanding. We all need to think how we can become better listeners and communicate in ways that everyone is understanding the conversation. Which ways are you adjusting your communication style?

Quotes From the Show

"Men are typically more creepy than women."- Tasha

"Dinosaurs and people didn't share Noah's ark together." - Dave

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