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The Word Men Hate To Hear From Women In Bed

Hey friends! I'm going to try my best to start writing a short blog for every podcast episode! Why is this the hardest part of podcasting? I guess I didn't get into SPOKEN WORD so I'd be forced to blog a recap but such is life and the turmoils of boosting SEO. In the end, I'd do ANYTHING to grow the podcast and you all know this! I'd 100% eat a pile of cow shit to get to the front page of ITunes. Try me!

This latest episode was a special one for me. Tasha Courtney and myself (Dave Neal) interviewed Michael Blaustein. He cohosts the Stiff Socks podcast with Trevor Wallace. They are viral sensations in their own right, but what I am most attracted to with their podcast and work on stage is their PLAYFULNESS and willingness to be goofy. In today's climate, there are plenty of comedians dabbling in the world of politics and social issues, which is great! BUT some of us just want to get on stage and shit talk. This is the perfect guest for that. I think when you can master the art of shit talk and irreverency (is that a word? no? can we make it one?) then you can relate to the audience in a more intimate way, thus proving more effective to get your social commentary across.

If you listen to our chat, you'll hear us talk about how much we hate when women make an 'eww' sound when we come. Michael Blaustein also tells a great story about shitting his pants and then later in the evening receiving a blow job from a lady in the bathroom at the club. Hey, life happens, whether you wipe your ass or not. Hope I can share some extra insight from these show notes.

Thanks for reading this far fam!

The SAP is a free form chat about dating, relationships, self help and life advice. Comedians interviewing other comedians about how we've grown from our past. Funny and heartfelt. For premium content go to and get extra weekly episodes!

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