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What Defines a True Power Couple w/ Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Sex Actually Podcast

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Episode #355

What Defines a True Power Couple

w/ Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman

Today, the Freemans (@meet_thefreemans) join Tasha and Dave for another insightful episode. They are the founders of Empowered Couples University and strive to teach the relationship skills that build true power couples.


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Jocelyn and Aaron were shocked by the lack of formal education on relationships. Their mission is to teach million of couples the relationship skills needed to be a true power couple and ultimately, lower the divorce rate!

The Freemans have found authenticity to reach and communication are the best ways to reach that power couple status and aim to show the good along with the bad in their own lives.

“You’re asleep if you’re

having no problems.”

All couples go through difficulties but the Freemans have found that communication can solve a lot of problems.

“Love isn’t enough.”

You can love each other but if you can’t communicate, or understand each other’s emotions, plan together, and prioritize, your love can disintegrate. Love is just one ingredient to a happy relationship.

A Power Couple

The Freemans define a true power couple by two people who actively commit to being the best version of themselves and choose to grow throughout their lifetime together, co-creating life.

That commitment requires the ability to communicate and listen to the other. Power couples don’t point fingers or blame the other. They take ownership and ask the difficult question of ‘where am I responsible for this situation?’

Other tough questions include, ‘how satisfied are you with our intimacy?’ and asking how the other is, are they happy with where they are, career-wise, family-wise, or other.

There is no room for an unwillingness to change. Both sides need to be open and honest to ensure a long-lasting and enjoyable life together.

To find out more about Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman and what they’re up to check out their Empowered Couples University at and listen to their podcast, The Empowered Couples Podcast.


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